My Vanity Website

How I learned to stop worrying about the web 2.0


Eventually write a more descriptive sub heading

Not sure anyone actually needs a website for themselves, but just in case...

Here’s a link to my book, something I wrote nearly 20 years ago (for those of you who potentially recognize yourselves in it, I can’t remember).

The Bowl Of Stale Potato Chips

Why this website?

So, as I dabble in photography, writing, collecting, and parenting, I wanted to aggregate my thoughts and practice my web design.  I’ll  further develop and publish my creative interests, as I  make my way through this brave new digital world.

The photos and thoughts on this web page are mine alone,, sorry to say.

I’m pleased to announce that my free book, Yellowstone: A Pictorial available exclusively at iTunes, has been downloaded over 100 times in 14 different countries. It’s my first foray creating a photography collection, let alone a digital book, hence the price.

Yellowstone: A Pictorial

About me...

Insert light, but humorous biographical information here.

Assuming anyone takes the time to read this portion, which is doubtful.

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