My Vanity Website

How I learned to stop worrying about the web 2.0

I’m surprised you made it this far...

Some of my early photos, dominated by the family trips.

Printing at home

Craigslist is pretty incredible, I ended up snagging an Omega B8 enlarger and a bunch of dark room supplies for free.  I haven’t printed/developed my own film since middle school.  I was suprised how fast these modern photo papers were.  I had to stop them way down before learning to put some ND filters in the light head  I remember exposing for much longer than 7-8 seconds.  This turned out to be the case, when I bought some old stock of kodak papers and I was doing my exposure test grids at 2 second intervals vs .2 second intervals.

My Favorite Subjects

Z & K Messing around on the playground while I play with the Holga.

Washington DC

Playing with 35mm B&W, shooting on a 50 normal.

Playground - Holga

Again, shooting 120 with a plastic camera.


Love the attitude these kids are putting out.